Why Jubilate Academy Test Preparation?

3. We provide sufficient practice so that your child does not feel test anxiety.

2. We provide a strategic plan and pacing guide to better prepare your child. 

1. We provide test-taking styles that meet the needs of your child. 

Test Preparation

At Jubilate Academy, we don't simply tell you the right answer. We teach you the tricks of the trade; each standardized test requires a way of thinking unique to itself, so we'll tell you how to think like the makers of the test. We'll match our classes to suit your test-taking style, so that you can use the skills you already have to master the exams. After taking our classes, you'll know the answers to the questions without even having to look at the answer choices!


Here at Jubilate Academy, we understand that preparation consists of a strategic plan and practice. We offer both. We have created a nine (9) week long program that consists of weekly review and practice of content needed to excel on each standardized test. 


Tell us what section you have the most trouble with and we'll tell you shortest and easiest way to get your score up. We'll teach you the patterns unique to each section, so that you won't have to reinvent the wheel every time. You'll learn how to master the arts of eliminating answers, avoiding attractors, and finding evidence in the text. You'll learn to simplify your logic in order to predict each answer, quickly and painlessly.


We'll personally coach you as prepare for the AP exams. You'll learn how to take concise notes, internalize facts beyond rote memorization, write under time constraints, and get the most out of your AP courses.