This is a 32-level individualized program that helps students develop a basic foundation in mathematics. Our workbooks, geared to engage and challenge the mind, are supplemented with manipulatives that appeal to every kind of learner. The Eye Level math program is two-pronged, offering enrichment in two areas: Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math.


Critical Thinking Math (CTM) offers what many elementary students are lacking in school: analytical problem-solving skills. CTM will your challenge your child to think outside the box and complete each problem in his or her own way, proving that math is indeed a creative subject. The CTM problems and puzzles are aesthetically engaging, appealing to visual learners.

Eye Level Math

Basic Thinking Math (BTM) is geared towards advancing what your child is already learning in school--addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and basic geometry. Students benefit from BTM by learning how to solve difficult problems with formulas that are easy to understand.