Basic Computing

Homework Help

Middle school students tend to be passionate about new ideas. However, their ability to get their point across seems to be a struggle. After learning the basics of outlining concepts and developing strong evidence, students will be better prepared to confidently defend their stance on a subject matter.

Below are a few links to articles discussing the importance of succeeding academically in middle school as well as a few benefits of after-school tutoring. Feel free to read!

Advanced Computing

Middle school is a time for growth. A time for students to bloom into the young adults they are destined to be. Developing and refining many of their social and emotional skills during these years are crucial.

Many students begin focusing on their academics during middle school, so this is the time when they can cultivate their creative writing skills, their love for the sciences, and time management. Jubilate Academy strives to strengthen and enrich students' academic persistence through various after-school programs.

ETUSD curriculum is enforced during tutoring session. The aim is to have students feel better prepared for their upcoming assignments and assessments.  

Nothing is worse than understanding all the concepts taught in class, only to find yourself stuck and confused on tonight's homework. With the help of university alumni who have been in this predicament before, you will never have to feel defeated by homework again. 

Speech and Debate

Students are introduced to basic computer skills. From opening documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides to saving, categorizing, and sharing work, students learn one-on-one how to perform these necessary tasks. 

Advanced computing classes provide instruction on more complex skills necessary for today's student. Students learn to efficiently and effectively perform online search to ensure the best resources are utilized for their assignments.