Summer is right around the corner. What better way to get a head start on next years' class schedule! Summer 2018 will offer the following three sessions:  

Summer classes begin June 25th and will run until August 10th. Click the link below to see classes.

Beginning students will assemble a simple machine from Vex robotics parts (ie. forklift ball machine for younger students). After gaining Vex building experience, students can enroll in the annual Vex Robotics competition. Advanced students will use software (i.e. Scratch) to drive and control customized hardware (i.e. Raspberry Pie).

Children learn the speed reading skill much more quickly than adults do. Most students in middle and high school can learn to read comfortably at 4,000 words per minute (wpm), while most adults read at 300 wpm or less. Students will practice natural vision, visualization, and relaxation skills as they learn to digest entire pages at once.

Students will use the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) textbook. Learn to solve problems by using your critical thinking skills. Students are purchased their own curriculum of Ready Common Core© and/or Common Core Enriched Edition©. These resources offer multitudes of critical thinking strategies and exercises so that students can confidently begin school in the Fall. 

Students will be given a theme or topic that’s relevant to their lives. Work with our encouraging coaches to express yourself through poetry, short essay, or speech. Students are taken to a local library to complete writing workshops with their instructors. Students will also be purchased their own Wordly Wise© curriculum to reinforce grammar skills and build vocabulary that will, in turn, strengthen their writing skills

Summer Programs

Summer is the best time to study for the ACT. Work with our enthusiastic tutors to maximize your chances at college admissions. Middle school students can take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), while high school students can take the official SAT and ACT exams. All of our tutors have years of experience working with young adults.

Work with our speech-and-debate coach to gain positive experiences at local competitions. This program is intended for students in middle school and early high school. Our goal is to eventually send students to national competitions like the Lincoln-Douglas Debate and the National Speech and Debate Tournament.

Jubilate Academy's schedule is offered to all grade levels. Our goal is to help your student get ahead and feel better prepared for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

We offer a 3-day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) or 5-day course. You decide which schedule works best for your student.